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Roller Shutter Motor

supplier. and we can reach about 1000 Million USD for exportation total amount. Over ten years experiences in the fields of materials, we are becoming the leader of the first line in the market. We laid our foot years back & ever since we are striving to deliver in our products innovation, competitive pricing & quality driven customer satisfaction.
  • Roller Shutter Door Motors - RSM-1
    RSM-1 : Roller Shutter Door Motors

    Description of our products:
    1. Low noise and great horsepower
    2. easy to install
    3. Shell: aluminum alloy, solid and light but durable
    4. Gear set: use the PVC material ,make it durable and have long life
    5. Safety device: when the roller shutter door touch something , the door will stop, protect from the
    6. Double limit switch: we add one more limit switch in the motor to protect from impacting the top limit, it can cut off the power when the roller shutter door is abnormal, to be much safe.
    6. Braking device: we design the safe braking structure , if the power to be cut off suddenly , the door will be stopped immediately. Make sure to be 100% safety.
    7. Open and close the door: we can use the remote control to make long-distance operation, or choose the manual control as you like.
    8. Material inside the motor: use the 100% copper.
    9. Type of the motor: We manufacture the AC,DC ,AC and DC roller shutter motor. Design and produce the motor according to your request.
    10. The motor operator is equipped with a temperature sensor, which will automatically stop functioning when the temperature reaches 90'c and will resume function when the temperature falls below 70'c.

    after-sales service
    .Our warranty is 1 year
    .we will offer some vulnerable parts in free according to the proportion of the products.
    .Any problems any time you can contact us ,we will help you solve the problem immediately.

  • Roller Shutter Door Motor - RSM-2
    RSM-2 : Roller Shutter Door Motor

    Features of rolling shutter door motor.
    1.good design,advance structure,large starting torque, short-time duty, stable operation;
    2.Easy installation, long service life;
    3.Low noise, small power consumption, little vibration;
    4.Remote control;
    5.Limit switch unit enables precise adjustment of door in both up and down positions;
    6.Electric and manual operation.
    7.Electric rolling door options:
     Input power:single phase or three phase ;voltage:110V,220V,or 380V.For operation method,depending on door weight,select matching remote control or manual control type.

    olling shutter door motors applied to shopping centers, warehouses, garages, theaters, hotels, banks, factories and other buildings, rolling shutter door's opening and closing, with electric and manual function.
    Roller shutter doors opening and closing operation are power-driven, the up and down stroke was automatic controlled by limit switch. Accurate and reliable positioning, opening and closing security.
    Equipped with a motor winding overheating protection device, it will automatically cut off power supply when the temperature reaches 110 °,so as to protect the motors from being burned,and the device can start again when the temperature dropped to 70 ° (after about 10min).

  • Roller Garage Door Motor - RSM-3
    RSM-3 : Roller Garage Door Motor
    1.Suitable for all kinds of roller shutter door
    2.Low noise operation
    3.Reliable performance, stable and safe
    4.Location accuracy less than 1.5 centimeter
    5.Roller shutter door may be opened and closed by remote controller
    6. General weight calculation for electric rolling door:
    Based on actual height and width, appropriate material can be  ordered and manufactured.
    7.Electric rolling door options:
    8.Input power: single phase or three phase; voltage:110V,220V or  380V.
    9.For operation method, depending on door weight,select matching remote control or manual control type.
    10.Maintenance and operation:
                 When the electric rolling door is rolling ups and downs, do not  place sundry articles under the rolling door or stand under the running track of the rolling door so as to avoid injure. During normal utilization of electric rolling door, conduct maintenance at least 1~2 times per year.

  • Electric Roller Shutter Door Motor - RSM-4
    RSM-4 : Electric Roller Shutter Door Motor
    Roller shutter motor Parts aluminum die casting machines are all of the company's own production of aluminum die casting and accept orders, if you are looking for aluminum die-casting factory, welcome to contact us.

    The Company's products, aluminum die-casting are all part of the production company, the company still aluminum die casting machine 150T, 350T.

    Casting Aluminum Alloy
    Among multiple casting alloys, aluminum alloy features light weight and higher temperature working tolerance. Aluminum alloy casting pieces have higher strength and rigidity, along with excellent anti-corrosion and heat-sink capability. It is the optimal product for use under extreme condition.

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