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We manufacture, supply, and export, a rather broad range of Metal Crafts, including the

Roller Door Motors

in different shapes and sizes in Taiwan. Our company's products can also be customized to meet the requirements of our Indian and International customers and clients gratifyingly. We have expertise in the production of premium quality products that are perfectly in sync with the fashion trends.
  • Gate Operator - C&C-G500/G1000/G2000/G3000
    C&C-G500/G1000/G2000/G3000 : Gate Operator
    Gate Operator (For Single or Double Rail Sliding Gate Use)
    1.100% copper material inside the motor.
    3. MOQ: 30 sets

    1.The nerutral clutch is fitted with a built-out wator-proof lock.
    2.Easy to engage and disengage.
    3.Advanced IC control provides flexible motion setting as desired,without need of any additional space.
    4.The power source features suden wave absorption performance,that providing safety guard for the montor and electrie circuit.
    5.Availanle to be fitted with any type of remove controller.
    6.Low voltage on push button and limit switches eliminates the danger of electric shock.
    7.A fan is built inside the guard of motor and electyic system for air ventilation,that providing efficient heat dissipation for the motor.
    8.That base is manufactured form high quality aluminum alloy dic casting for maximum durability.
    Modular design for all components ensures superior interchangeability.

  • Gate Operator Accessories - RDM-2
    RDM-2 : Gate Operator Accessories
    1.100% copper material inside the motor.
    3. MOQ: 30 sets
    Gate operator controller(with stainless steel base)
    Gate operator controller stainless steel base
    Gate operator limit switch
    8P gear rack(length 1M)
    Gate operator stainless steel block
    M4 gear rack(length 1M)
    M5 gear rack(length 1M)

    Answer:Business building, residence shop front, parking lot
  • Gate Operators - C&C-GA500/GA1000/GA2000/GA3000
    C&C-GA500/GA1000/GA2000/GA3000 : Gate Operators
    Chain-Rack Gate Operator (For Single Rail Sliding Gate Use)
    1.100% copper material inside the motor.
    3. MOQ: 30 sets

    1.All the tranmission products made by our company have oil seal devices in the open structure to avoid the lube oil from leaking out,which deserve a high precision and stability.
    2.Increasing the structure of worm gear,it can more benefit high turning fransmission. Adopted by high luvrication,low noise,low wear and tear,no need to change oil.
    3.The shaft of power is adopted double round button to the motor heat while wxposed by sun. The heat will expel from the equipment.
    4.The motor has been equipped with temperature control device to increase motor's endurance on normal operation. There is no need to install fuse on it,very convenient and safe maintaining with.
    5. The length of chain is same as sliding gate.

  • Slide Gate Operator - C&C-GT500/GT1000/GT2000/GT3000
    C&C-GT500/GT1000/GT2000/GT3000 : Slide Gate Operator
    1.100% copper material inside the motor.
    3. MOQ: 30 sets

    1、Standard Materials, Strict Quality Control
    The accessories of the product are all superior in quality and specification. With the special design and the strict quality control, the product can bear the weather and be very durable.
    2、Sealed, Rainproof, Windproof
    The material of the outer covering is nylon plus fiber. It possesses the certain sealed characteristic, and is rainproof, windproof.
    3、Easy to Operate, Accurate Movements
    The gate operator is easy to move from side to side, easy to stop.
    4、Mechanical Brake System Function
    If the reverse button switch is touched by mistake while the limit switch is in motion, the motor will not reverse.
    5、Easy to install, Running Strong
    The product is small, light, easy to install, good shaping and not occupying the space.
    6、Thermal Efficiency Protection, Guarantee of Security.
    The motor itself possesses precise thermal sensor detector. When having a breakdown, it can cut off the power source automatically to prevent the motor from burning down.
    7、Additional Safety Device
    The product is safer when it is installed together with the infrared safeguard or the touch-stop safety device.

Excellent product?customer satisfaction with excellent customer service, that's what we give, expect and get, by providing high quality Roller Door Motors and worldwide partners.